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Some General Comments on Copyrights and courtesy to creative folk everywhere.

These pages are all covered under the following statement: © 1995-2008. Carolyn Collins Petersen. All material on these pages was written and/or created by Carolyn Collins Petersen, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

Since I do get Emails asking about where I got my images, as well as requests for permissions and usage, here are some general comments.

First: NASA / ESA / STScI images are generally free of copyright restrictions. However, if you have some commercial use in mind, you should contact the Space Telescope Science Institute directly.

Second: Any other images that fall outside of this category are used by permission and credited to the copyright owner. For example, much of the original artwork on this site is owned by Loch Ness Productions and/or other artists. They have been kind enough to let me use their work, and request that others interested in using it ask for permission.

If the stuff I've used here from Loch Ness Productions is just too irresistable, you might want to consider buying some of Mark C. Petersen's irresistable space music -- recorded under the name GEODESIUM and available on the Loch Ness Productions label.

Third: If you must borrow non-NASA / ESA / STScI stuff from this Web Site, please do the courtesy of letting me know which images you're liberating, and if I can, I'll send you a credit line to use on your site. Putting in a link to the Henrietta Leavitt Flat Screen Space Theater from your own site is also considered a very cool move.

Fourth, the outstandingly gorgeous Horsehead Nebula that graces several of the pages on this site is the creation of Travis Rector for the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO/AURA/NSF) and Hubble Heritage Team (NASA/STScI/AURA).

Picture Credits

The star background used on parts of this Web site was created by artist Tim W. Kuzniar exclusively for (and is copyrighted by) Loch Ness Productions. If you want to "borrow" it for your own home page, please email me for permission. You must credit the work as follows: "Star image background by Tim W. Kuzniar, Copyright 1995-2008 Loch Ness Productions" and a link to this Web site would be nice, too... :-)

Other images used throughout this site are credited on their respective pages. As stated above, NASA / ESA / STScI images are copyright-cleared and you're welcome to them.