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Hello, fellow astro-cruisers from Princess!! It is my pleasure to be your astronomy lecturer and to share my love of astronomy with so many of you. As I mentioned during my chats with you, I've put up this web page of links for you to follow in your own cruises through the cosmos. Please feel free to browse at your leisure, and also to visit my other pages by clicking on the links above. Thanks again for your interest and the friendship we shared during our time together onboard!


Astronomy and Space Science-Related Sites

A seriously cool online video site about astronomy and space science. I host a segment called "The Astronomer's Universe.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Material and information here for astronomers at all levels, as well as materials of particular interest to educators.

Aurora Borealis Information
Interested in auroral displays? Check out this useful page written by folks who own a lighting store. It has great links to other sites about the northern lights.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Every day a new picture from space.

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Website
The straight stuff on astronomy and astrophysics; debunking bad astronomy wherever he finds it.

Chandra X-ray Observatory
Learn about x-ray astronomy

European Space Agency
See what the Europeans are up to!

European Space Agency Mars page
All things ESA and Mars.

GalaxyZoo 2
Come help sort out the galaxies!

Gemini Observatory
Visit with the astrofolks at Gemini Observatory.

Haystack Observatory
Learn about radio astronomy and space weather!

Hubble Space Telescope
Home page for Hubble Space Telescope observations, images, background information and more.

The International Dark Sky Organization
Helping keep skies dark for astronomy.

The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Visit with the astronomers on La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Liftoff to Space Exploration
Space exploration for the young astronaut in the family.

Loch Ness Productions
Planetarium shows, space music, and much, much more! We've been doing this for 25 years now!

NASA Mars Exploration Home Page
All things NASA and Mars.

Spitzer Space Telescope
Visit with the astrofolks at Spitzer and learn about the infrared universe.

Web*Stars and Stars*Family Database
An online database of astronomers, astronomy facilities, planetaria, publications, etc. Searchable. publishes Sky & Telescope Magazine, and sells a fine collection of astronomy books, prints, and other products in their online store.

About 2012

The Truth about 2012
Dr. Ed Krupp of Griffith Observatory gives you the straight skinny on 2012.

The 2012 Phenomenon
Wikipedia has a fairly complete and vetted account of all the bits and pieces that make up the 2012 "meme".

Shopping for Astro-merchandise

Geodesium Space Music Best space music you'll ever hear! Many of you came up to say how much you enjoyed it during my talks and we thank you for your compliments! These albums make fine holiday and birthday gifts, too!