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Astronomy Gallery

Hubble Looks Deep!

Distant Galaxies

Hubble Space Telescope has looked across 12 billion light-years of space to see some of the oldest galaxies in the cosmos — as they looked when they were young!

Looking Deep Into Space

HST image of Galaxy NGC 4261

Galaxy NGC 426

Hubble Space Telescope images an active galaxy with a black hole at its heart. This was among the first of the space telescope's black hole discoveries. Many galaxies have supermassive black holes at their hearts.

Learn More About Black Holes

Gemini image of Stepan's Quintet>

Exploring Stephan's Quintet

Gemini Observatory peers into the heart of Stephan's Quintet.

Read all about the action!

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Chandra image of SgrA*

Gas at the Milky Way's Heart

The Chandra X-Ray Satellite Image of Gas at the Milky Way's Heart.

Learn More About Black Holes

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ING image of M51

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

Isaac Newton Telescope (La Palma) imaged the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). This galaxy has spiral arms fairly bristling with bursts of star formation! Its companion is tied to M51 by a bridge of hydrogen gas.

Explore the Whirlpool

Cartwheel Galaxy

Galaxies in Collision

Colliding galaxies affect each other for millions of years as they dance around each other in cosmic rhythms. As they approach, strong gravitational tides rip clouds of stars and gas and dust out from one of the galaxies.

Colliding Galaxies!

Cartwheel Galaxy

The Cartwheel Galaxy

It shows us what happens when two galaxies collide! Not only are they torn to bits, but hordes of bright new stars form in the aftermath!

Galactic Starbirth

Multiple Interactions

Hickson Compact Group 79 — Seyfert's Sextet

This distant grouping of four colliding galaxies, a distant background galaxy, and a tidal tail of stars pulled out from one of the members, is a snapshot of galactic merger on a grand scale.

Group Interactions