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A Creature of Two Worlds

To be a science writer is to move freely within two worlds — non-scientific society and the world of the scientist (which is really part of society, but may seem closed to the so-called 'layperson'). The science writer — of necessity — must learn something of science in order to become the translator between scientist and public. Sometimes it's like living on two different planets populated by identical beings. Other times, the science writer is like Margaret Mead among the islanders, learning, understanding and revealing the inner workings of the tribes to the outside world. The science writer is not solely a scientist nor only a writer, but a creature who is a vibrant hybrid of two strong parents.

I am a storyteller of the universe. I choose to tell the stories in astronomy. There are a million stories to be told out there (I can't bring myself to say 'billion' yet) and I hope that they'll all become part of my legacy. I welcome ideas and commissions for stories, scripts, books — whatever will help get the exciting tales that science has to tell out in front of appreciative audiences. Indeed, some of the best things I've written came at the suggestion of someone who called and said, 'Hey, Carolyn. How about a story on.... ???'