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Astronomy Gallery

HST image of Jupiter


The largest world in the solar system turns out to be a fascinating gas giant planet with dozens of little moons and a ring system. It has been visited by half-dozen probes sent specifically to study it!

HST and The Gas Giant Planet

8-in. view of Jovian moons

Jupiter's Moons

Did you ever have a hankering to visit these worlds of fire and ice? Click yourself inside for a quick tour of the Jovian moons and their unique characteristics. You'll be surprised at what you find out at the first gas giant beyond the asteroid belt.

Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede.

Mars from HST


Mars has fascinated humans for thousands of years. We dream of walking its dusty surface, and send robot explorers to map and explore it.

Mars from Hubble Space Telescope

The East Hills of Gusev Crater, Mars

The East Hills of Gusev Crater

The Spirit Rover's view of Martian surface features.

The Surface of Mars!

Adirondack Rock on Mars

Spirit Encounters a Rock

A Rock Called Adirondack.


Watch this space for more additions to the Gallery!