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Why write about astronomy?

Stories of astronomy and space science are what this science writer tells — hopefully with the cooperation and understanding of the scientists whose work is being described.

I can think of no other science which excites the imagination and stirs the soul — and at the same time, stimulates the intellect to consider things beyond the terrestrial. Astronomy is one of the most approachable of sciences, and is one that nearly anyone can "do." In addition, astronomy is the mother of all the other science disciplines and to this day is interrelated with other sciences in many ways.

In my experience as a writer and lecturer I found that — for many audience members and students — astronomy was the key that unlocked their interest in all the sciences. In short, it 'turned them on' to realms of physics and chemistry, geology and biology — that they might never have considered interesting. For years my challenge has been to find ways to bring that wonder alive through any medium I could lay hands on — print, video, and of course, across the dome itself.

When it comes right down to it, I find astronomy — and writing about it — to be a tremendous amount of fun!

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